Hay Forkclose

Hay fork uses multi-tooth and corresponding structure design, which is mainly used for loading and unloading of lighter biomass materials. The fork passes through finite element analysis and actual application verification, which delivers big load capacity and high reliability.

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Rock Bucketclose

The bucket is equipped with straight and flat main cutting edge as well as durable side cutting edge teeth. After finite element analysis (FEA) and on-site test, the bucket features high strength and durability.

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Quick Couplerclose

Quick coupler is a coupling device between the lift arm and worktools, you can install a variety of worktools through a common connection to achieve versatility.

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High Liftclose

High lift loaders can provide higher bucket pin (B-Pin) height to meet kinds of high unloading requirements, and delivers high stability also.

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Coal Bucket (Normal)close

Big bucket capacity,applicable of light material

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Pallet Forkclose

Pallet Fork consists of two flat tines and body frame, and the tines are adjustable in horizontal. The tines are forged with wedge-shaped front end for ease of loading materials.

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Marble Forkclose

Marble fork consists of two flat teeth which the spacing is adjustable and the main body frame. Fork teeth are forged and the front end is wedge-shaped which makes it easy to load materials. The main frame and fork teeth pass through not only the finite element analysis (FEA) but also actual working conditions, which also features high strength and durability.

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Bucket with Secondary Cutting Edgeclose

The high wear-resistant secondary cutting edge is bolted to the main blade plate bottom and which is interchangeable. It greatly slows down the main blade plate wear and effectively extends the life of the bucket. The bucket also can effectively protect the ground comparing to the normal bucket with teeth.

Bucket with Secondary Cutting Edgemore_vert
Side Dump Bucketclose

Side dump bucket can achieve front jobs and side jobs, which can dump material at any positions according to jobsite requests by adjusting the cylinder of the side discharge. The secondary cutting edge and side plate are made of high strength and wear-resistant materials, which are better adapted to load and unload the rocks and other dense materials.

Side Dump Bucketmore_vert
Spade Nose Rock Bucketclose

The V-shaped main cutting edge effectively reduces the resistance when inserting into material. With high wear resistant bucket tooth and secondary cutting edge, the bucket features high strength, wear resistance, impact-resistance through finite element analysis and the actual working conditions verification.

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