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  • Durability: Famous YTO engine, mature countershaft transmission & axle, proved made in house frame, all of them providing the longer usage life
  • High Efficiency: Larger breakout fore and rimpul, fast HYD cycle time ensure high working efficiency
  • O&O Cost: Low speed engine, flow shared HYD system helps to save fuel and raise efficiency
  • Comfortable: Premium fiber seat with 4 direction and suspension adjustable, lower noise cab make operation environment more comfortable
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  • Excellent productivity and fuel efficiency, with more reliability reinforcement
  • Optimized DEUTZ WP6G Stage II engine, high fuel efficiency from advanced design and manufacturing technology;
  • Larger bucket, shorter cycle time, heavier counterweight for more payload;
  • Outstanding cooling system, -20~+43 ambient temperature capability
  • Optimized braking system with additional booster for reliable braking performance;
  • Comfortable cabin environment, user-friendly monitor and control systems.
  • Classic SEM transmission with more than 30 years’ manufacturing experience, in –house made, countershaft, power-shift design with great reliability and durability;
  • SAE & DIN standard hoses and optimized routing for improved strength and reliability;
  • Large side open door and centralized testing points provides excellent maintenance access ability
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  • High Productivity
  • Best-in-class Reliability and Durability
  • Excellent Fuel Economy
  • Outstanding Operator Comfort
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SEM 656Dclose
  • Increases low speed torque capability and improves wheel loader productivity
  • Strong torque delivery leads to higher breakout force
  • Maximized fuel efficiency over a range of wheel loader operating duty cycles with over 5% better fuel economy
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  • Excellent Fuel Economy
  • Best-in-class Reliability and Durability
  • High Productivity
  • Outstanding Operation Comfort
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