• High Reliability: Hydrostatic drive system with world class variable displacement piston pump and motors delivers leading in class reliability
  • High Productivity: Dual amplitude and frequency vibration system enable the operator to achieve better compaction result
  • High Efficiency: Up to 45% grade ability allows the machine to work efficiently on slop and uneven terrains


  • Weichai WP4 engine with turbo charger and ATAAC
  • High fuel efficiency

Drive Train

  • Hydrostatics drive with rear axle and drum drive
  • High performance coupler
  • Heavy duty rear axle with limited slip differential

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Vibration System

  • Pod-style eccentric design
  • Dual amplitude and frequency with world class piston pump and motor


Hydraulic System

  • Improves efficiency by 20% vs. open center system
  • Reduces oil contamination, extends life of hydraulic system
  • Maintains higher system pressure with less energy loss
  • Allows for simpler hose routings
  • Requires smaller volume hydraulic tank, reduces maintenance cost

Cooling System

  • Modular cooling package design
  • Up to 49°C ambient temperature cooling capacity

Key Application

SEM510 and SEM512 SCOM are widely used in road work, sub-base, parking lots, site development, water and sewer trench work, hills and uneven terrain

Cab & Operation System

  • Canopy standard, Cabin + A/C optional
  • Big room, superior front, side and rear visibility
  • SEM512/510 is hydrostatic compactor. The operation system is very simple, it just has two control levers, one for throttle control, another one is for forward/backward and brake control
  • A/C with interior cycle/out side fresh air cycle selection for better defog capability
  • Safety belt is standard

Item Unit Params
Engine Specification    
Emission   China Stagell
Std Rated Power Gross kW 97.5
Rated Speed r/min 2,200
Composite Work Cycle Fuel Consumption (l/hour) N.m/rpm 560/1,400-1,600
Ambient Capability-STD Sea Level Deg C  
Ambient Capability-HA Sea Level Deg C 49
Ambient Capability-Cold Weather Deg C -10
Operating Specifications    
Machine Mass w/Std Config kg 10,000+3%
Weigh at Drum w/Std Config kg 5,900+3%
Weight on Rear Axle kg 4,100
Static Linear Load N/cm 217
Max. Grade Ability w/o vibration % 45
Articulated Angle ° 33±1
Turning Radius Inside Drum Edge mm 5,990
Compaction Width mm 2,130
Travel Speed    
Lo Range km/h 0 to 5.5
Hi Range km/h 0 to 12
Hydraulic Cycle Time    
Full Turn Time s 6±0.5
Vibratory System    
Frequency-Hi/Lo HZ 33/30
Amplitude-Hi/Lo mm 0.90/1.80
Centrifugal Force-Hi/Lo kN 130/215
Machine Dimensions [L*W*H] mm 5,815*2,290*3,130
Oscillation Angle ° 10±1
Wheelbase mm 2,900
Tread Width mm 1,600
Drum Width mm 2,130
Drum Diameter mm 1,590