As the saying goes “Charity Begins at Home” – This motto has been adopted by TSU for its articulation of “Corporate Social Responsibility”. TSU is a company that brings a smile to the face of every employee, staff and team member and this gratification spreads to the faces of our contented customers. The culture of the company and the way it works in its own way, acts as a sincere resolve that blooms with social care.  

Stepping out further, TSU has a global vision “to serve better” and share its success into three different and important areas of our world; Education, Health and Environment!

Education serves as the first stepping-stone for every man to be successful. The crucial part of a career is the “Learning” stage, which starts at school, university and then at the ‘real business world’. Realizing that this is the key to the youth and economy growth, TSU has been offering scholarships that accommodate 3 years of college learning, followed by a job post at TSU. The next short term plan is to provide free education to the teens who show top results at their schools, to further motivate a smart, new generation of professionals. 

Another vital part of life is Health, where the upbringing of healthy citizens can further develop a safe and healthy country. TSU may play a small role on this aspect but nonetheless, provides its responsibility with authenticity and clarity. The workforce at TSU is medically fit and its supervision is ensured prior and during employment. 

Pollution is one major hazard to the earth and with modern growth this contamination is probably, unavoidable. This is especially true in the transportation industry, where cars, trucks and buses seem to be the monsters of air pollution and the earth as the victim. TSU sees the need for safer and less hazardous methods of distributorship and continues to strive to ensure that together with providing authentic, high-level, Mercedes Benz trucks, it also manages to save the earth. Driven by this Corporate Responsibility, TSU ensures that the trucks distributed are in perfect condition while offering immaculate after-sales service to confirm that the trucks remain in a condition that continues to be a little kind to planet earth.



PT Tri Swardana Utama has been granted ISO 9001 : 2008

02 December 2014
PT Tri Swardana Utama has been granted ISO 9001 : 2008 ..

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